Born Kyle Tossell in Guelph, Ontario, 1983. Kyle expressed a passion for music and radio from an early age. His mother and father were amazed at how much time Kyle would spend listening to the radio. It was the only thing that he would do hours before bed when not hanging out with friends or playing Nintendo. Often his parents would have to sneak into the bedroom long after he fell asleep to turn off the radio!

Kyle prided in the fact that thru grade 5 and 6 he was the voice of his school as he read the morning announcements every day of the week. I guess you could say this was his first official morning show!

Growing up through his teens, Kyle would often play the music at friends parties and gatherings including school functions. He was the guy driving around in his parents car that had a stereo system installed that was worth more than the car! Anything less than two fifteen inch Cerwin-Vega's was a waste of time in his eyes. Yes he owned a car stereo before he owned his own car. You could see where his priorities were at the time.

Fast forwarding to his college years, Kyle attended Niagara College for a Sales and Marketing Diploma. He held a part time job in the school's pub "The Armoury" as a doorman. One night the manger was in a panic because the dj had not shown up for his shift on that particular pub night. He asked around for a dj on short notice with no luck at all. Kyle walked up to the manager and said "I can do it." Kyle always had no less than 2-300 cds in his car at all times. The manager said go get your music and start right away! The rest was history. Within a few months Kyle was spinning and working the microphone three nights a week at local clubs and bars. By the end of that summer Kyle had purchased his own sound system and lighting effects. He was ready to take his new show on the road!

The next school year friends gave Kyle Tossell the nickname "K TOSS." Well that name stuck and inspired Kyle to name his company K TOSS ENTERTAINMENT. The new company was open for business that year and has continued to grow year after year thanks to the support of his many friends, family and satisfied clients.

In 2009 Kyle had his first shot to write and voice his first radio commercial that aired on 91.5 The Beat. He was hooked! Later Kyle had the opportunity to co-write and voice several commercials on 91.5 The Beat and on z103.5! It was then that he decided to take his dream to the next level. He applied for the Radio Broadcast program at several colleges and accepted the offer from his number one choice Conestoga College. K TOSS graduated in April of 2014.

With over 1500 weddings, club gigs, parties, dances and emcee duties combined, you are sure to expect the best for your next event! K TOSS parties like it’s his job because it is! He takes that very seriously!

K TOSS currently hosts a trivia show at McCabe's Irish Pub every Wednesday night in Guelph. He is at McCabe’s Guelph every Friday night as well for his “FLASH BACK FRIDAY” all request DJ SHOW.

Contact K TOSS directly for more information and for booking inquiries.